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American Foxhound


American Foxhound profile

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Lifespan: 12-13 Years

Avg height: 53-64cm

Avg weight: 18-30kg

Coat type: Medium length, close, hard coat.

Coat colours: White, tan, tri-colour, blue, white & cream, red.

Originally bred for: Bred to hunt foxes by scent, in packs or alone.

Breed traits: Intelligent, kind, loyal, energetic.


A little about the American Foxhound


The American Foxhound is a kind, sweet-tempered, breed who are good with children and other animals. Their hunting instincts mean they can be easily distracted by a scent so require strong obedience training and a large amount of exercise. 




The American Foxhound is generally a healthy breed with few genetic diseases noted. However, obesity can become a problem if they are overfed and rarely they can develop platelet disorders.