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Miniature Bull Terrier


Miniature Bull Terrier profile

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Lifespan: 10-12 Years

Avg height: Up to 36cm.

Avg weight: 11-15kg.

Coat type: Short, harsh, glossy coat.

Coat coloursWhite, black, brindle.

Originally bred for: Pit-fighting.

Breed traits: Stubborn, independent, gentle, loving. 


A little about the Miniature Bull Terrier


This strong compact breed has a very similar personality to the Bull Terrier, and is a lively, playful dog, often labelled the 'class clown'. They are tough and devoted to their owners but can be head-strong and benefit from dedicated training. 



The major health concern in Miniature Bull Terriers is deafness (associated with white colours). They can also experience Glaucoma, Lens Luxation, and kidney disease.